This website is a tribute to my twin daughters

It contains my personal story - both heartwarming and heart wrenching - but that is the life of a mother of angels. Sections may be hard or upsetting for some people to read, so either get a box of tissues, or do not keep reading. But what I would like you to understand is that this is my journey, my children died before they had much of a life and It is my reality.

This is a place where I can show my family and friends what I have done for Charlotte and Marianne, and somewhere I can keep their memory alive.

For other parents of angels who have found this site, I am sorry you are also walking on this hard journey. Hopefully you will find solace in knowing you are not alone and that our children can never die in our hearts. May it also give you some inspiration for things that you can do as a legacy for your own children.

Thank you for visiting ~ Kathi Slee
speical mum to twin angels

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