I am a special type of mother - I have a wonderful family which includes a fantastic husband, three cats and two beautiful angel daughters who will live in my heart forever.

I am a costumier - as well as having my own business Bohemian Magic I also work for Queensland Ballet and Queensland Theatre Company

I love making historical costumes, with my favorite period being the 18th Century. Corsets and undergarments are a favorite to construct as they are the foundations that make a garment.

Patchwork Quilting - I love all things fabric, but making quilts would be a favorite. I have a traditional style with a modern twist.

Purple - I am known for always wearing purple. I am always hunting for purple shoes and handags. I have had purple hair, like wearing purple makeup and have a purple car!

Tattoos - I have a tattoo on the middle of my upper back. It is my 'Fairy Persona' surounded by my three cats. I designed it using inspiration from a number of other tattoos combined with my own drawings.