My strong orange boy. Born 13th September 1998.

When we decided that we were ready for furry children, Chris said he wanted an orange cat with white socks who was naughty - And we got exactly that! Fearless is 'a dog' of the cat world, very loyal and protective. He got his name from the fact that he was very adventerous as a kitten and was the first one to venture outside, walk on the grass and swipe at the dog next door.



My beautiful grey boy. Born 13th September 1998.

Mercury has definately used up many of his 9 lives. He was hit by a car at 6 months old - lost one of his canine teeth, and has limited vision in one eye. A few years later he damaged his foot and ended up loosing one of his toes. In 2002 he got a stress related urinary tract infection, and after many surgeries we were going to have him put to sleep, but he managed to pull his way through and is now fully cured.



My lovely tabby girl. Born 25th January 2002.

I rescured a litter of 3 kittens who were only a few weeks old. I had to bottle feed them every 4 hours and even though I hated the lack of sleep I loved raising my new little family. Gypsy was the only girl and was named due to her tabby colouring and the fact that she loved to explore and wander off. She idolises her big brother Fearless and follows him around the house.


My first born furry daughter. Dusty was born in 1987 and was my constant companion during my formible teenage years.

She died from throat cancer in 2001 and I will always miss her. I made a memorial quilt for her after she died out of various cat fabrics.

Liquorice Allsorts

My "Jimmy Dean" boy, he was not afraid of anything and lived his life hard and fast. Born 25th January 2002 - Died July 2002.

One of the boys from my adopted litter, he was really feisty and used to push my older boys out of the way at the food bowls so he could eat! Unfortuneatly he was hit by a car when he was about 6 months old and died in our arms.


My fluffy "foster" boy. Born 25th January 2002 - Adopted out to a new family March 2002.

The other boy form the litter was Casper. He was nicknamed "Casper the Wobbly Ghost" because he was grey and very fluffy and took the longest to work out how to walk - wobbling around everywhere. He was adopted by a family who had 3 young children and lived on acerage, so I am sure he is having a wonderful life running around chasing after animals and getting lots of cuddles.