If you would like to honour the legacy of our daughters, Charlotte and Marianne, we ask you to make a donation to The Mater Hospital Foundation. Please select the "Mater Mothers Hospital" as where you would like your donation to go, as this will be helping other premature babies.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us through the birth, life and death of our two precious daughters Charlotte & Marianne. We really appreciate all the cards and flowers, and that so many of you came to Charlotte & Marianne's funeral.

Please know that although this is a difficult time for us, it is also a time we want to celebrate, because it is when our daughters were born and we became parents.

A number of other parents have found that family and friends are unsure of what to say or do when their baby has died. I have modified a list from one of the suppport groups which you can view here

Things parents of angels wish...

I hope that this list can give you a little insight as to things that are helpful for you to support us. It summarises how Chris and I feel since Charlotte & Marianne died and how we would like you to remember and honour our daughters.