After Charlotte & Marianne died I have done many things to honour their memory. I have bought items to remind me of them, and done some things as a legacy to help other grieving families.

When my girls where in the hospital they had coloured name labels on their issolettes - Charlotte's was purple and Marianne's was pink, so these are the colours of things I get for the girls and I have chosen butterflies & bears as a theme.

I have many photos of the girls around my house and their ashes are in a beautiful box surrounded by baby angels from one of my mums friends.

For other parents of angels who have found this site while looking for things they can do in memory of their children, the best thing I can reccomend is do, make or buy anything that reminds you of them. Some parents choose a theme, or colour like me. Others use the flower or birthstone from their month of birth, or even the theme from how they were going to decorate their nursery - such as Winnie the Pooh, or Flower Faries.

Please visit my Support Groups page for more information and ideas about memorials for your children.