As part of the legacy for Charlotte and Marianne I decided to make tiny little outfits for the hospital where they were born.

Because my girls were were only 24 weeks gestation we could not buy any clothes for them. So when they died I had nothing to dress them in - my mum had bought 2 "premie" size jackets but we had to roll the sleeves up twice, plus they covered nearly all their little bodies because "premie" size in the shops is for 30+ weeks gestation!

So I decided to make some very tiny dresses and tops that would fit these micro premies, a little present to be given to parents of babies born between 20-24 weeks and died. Just a cute little outfit they could dress their children in, just like they would have if they were born at full-term.

I hope anyone who recieves one of these outfits knows that it was made with love.