During the time between Charlotte & Mariannes death and their funeral, I kept myself busy making a scrapbook to intorduce the girls to our family and friends. I now love taking the album with me when I go to visit people so I can show off my beautiful daughters.

We were very "snappy happy" and took over 300 hundred photos of our girls during their short lives, I had a hard time deciding which photos to include in the album. I also included an ultrasound picture, their isolette name cards, birth details card and some of the medical equipment the girls had.

If you would like to see all of the photos we took please visit
My Gallery.

Here are just a few of the pages from my album...

Ultrasound pictures.

The first photos of my little girls, their birth details and Apgar scores.

I had mainly purple pages for Charlotte.

And pink ones for Marianne.

I included photos of their bears and one of their tiny nappies.

Their blood oxygenation monitor and heart rate monitors.

Charlotte's last day with Mum & Dad and her foot prints.

Marianne's last day with her Daddy and her foot prints.

I also added in photos from Charlotte & Marianne's funeral.