I had a small gathering with some of my girl friends to celebrate Charlotte and Marianne's first birthday. It was a Teddy Bear's Tea Party and I asked everyone to bring their teddy to enjoy an afternoon of tea and cupcakes.

The Food

I made some lovely things to eat:

The "Hibiscus" Drinks

The Lovely Guests

Rear: Charlotte and Aurora
Front: Smudge, Pooh, Juju, Marmalade, Marianne and little friend

Thankyou Nicola, Cherelle, Jo, Alexandra, Lucy (my mum), Leila and Jo [not in photo]

We also sent out letters to family and friends reminding them how important our daughters are to us, and that just because they are not here with us, we still love them as much as the day they were born.

Dear Family and Friends,

Charlotte and Marianne's first birthday is on 9th November 2009.

It's hard to believe that it has been a year since our world was filled with wonder and the anticipation of the arrival of our twin girls and then the devastation and sadness caused by their deaths on 20th and 21st November 2008.

For us, November is a time to remember our daughters and acknowledge the place they hold in our hearts. We want to celebrate the day they were born and commemorate the days on which they died, and laugh about all the little things they did in between.

Remembering them is recognising that we are a family, that Kathi is a mum, and that Chris is a dad. Charlotte and Marianne mean so much to us and even though they are no longer with us they will always be our special girls.

With this in mind, we ask you to celebrate their first birthday with us. Here are some suggestions you may wish to consider:

~ Pause for a moment during the day and simply say their names
~ Raise a glass or toast in their honour
~ Donate in their names to:
- Mater Motherís Hospital
- SANDS Queensland
~ Donate a toy or book to a children's hospital in your area
~ Ring or email us to say you are thinking of our daughters

Thank you to everyone who supported us during the past year.


Kathi & Chris
parents to Charlotte & Marianne