Having to deal with the death of your baby is something that no one should ever have to go through. Sadly I am someone who has had two babies die ~ my twin daughters.

If you have found this site because your baby has died - I would like to send you my deepest sympanthy and lots of hugs. Please know that, unfortunately, you are not alone and there is alot of help out there. I have further information about where to find help when dealing with the death of a baby on my Support Groups page.


Charlotte's little body was fighting off the bacteria that was ravaging her little body, but as the bacteria was dying off it released toxins into her bloodstream that she was unable to flush out - giving her septic shock.

We made the very hard decision to have her removed from life support so she would no longer be in pain.

I had my first and only cuddle with Charlotte before her tubes were removed and she passed away peacefully in my arms at 12.40pm on Thursday 20th November 2008.


Marianne had been fighting her bacterial infection all week but it had passed through her very imature blood/brain barrier and caused a lesion in her brain. On Friday 21st November 2008 we were told the lesion had grown and she would never have any quality of life, so for the second time in 2 days, we made the aganising decision to remove our second daughter from life support.

I had my first and only cuddle with Marianne and they removed her tubes. I then handed her to her daddy where she continued to fight for another 45 minutes. We truely believe that because she was born one minute after Charlotte she had made the headstrong decision to live one full day longer!

She finally passed away in her daddy's arms at 12.45pm.

Together forever

The hospital had special room where we could spend as much time as we wanted with our girls and we could even have Charlotte back after Marianne died so they could be together.

I washed and dressed them in little tops (but huge on them) and wrapped them in a blanket made from fabric that belonged to their great-grandma. We took foot prints, and many photos of our speical family plus their Nanny and Pop came to visit and have a cuddle.

We left the hospital empty handed in a daze and realised our girls were never comming home with us...The Funeral