This is one of the few photos of me while I was pregnant. I don't like having my photos taken at the best of times, plus I was only pregnant for a little over half the time I was suppose to be!

Having over 10 years of fertility problems, Chris and I have turned to medical science to help us get pregnant. After 4 years of taking a break from "trying to concieve" we decided to take another ride on the IVF roller coaster again.

We had our IVF egg collection on 6th June 2008 with transfer of two embryos on 9th June. After a long 2 week wait, we recieved the most wonderful news - that I was pregnant.

After a few more weeks of blood test to make sure everything was looking good, I went for an ultrasound. Our doctor explained why I had been so ill with morning sickness - it was TWINS! There were two fast beating hearts and Chris and I were elated.

I had a resonably trouble free first trimester with the first 12 weeks being filled with days of "all day" morning sickness, afternoon naps and having to get up to go to the loo in the middle of the night!

At 13 weeks I woke up early one morning to discover I was bleeding. Our world started falling apart. We spent the morning at the hospital in a haze with the doctors saying there was nothing they could do. The bleeding stopped and I was sent to visit my own doctor to have an ultrasound. To our relief, it showed two beautiful babies swiming around, totally un-aware of all the fuss of the morning. It was due to a small tear in one of the placentas and I was put on bed rest for a few weeks - only being allowed to get up to go to the loo and have a shower.

At our 20 week ultrasound we were told Baby A on the left was definately a girl, and Baby B on the right may be a girl but the doctor couldn't tell for sure. So Chris and I started to enjoy my pregnancy... arguing about names, picking out twin prams, cots and other furniture. We also started shopping for a new car to hold our quickly growing family!

On 2nd November 2008 our lives were changed forever... Their Birth Story